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Annual Charity Poker Run

1000's come out and bid on over 100 baskets, Listen to great Trop Rock Music, Eat and ..... Party with a Purpose !

Meeting of the Minds

Annual Meeting of Parrot Head Clubs in Key West Florida

5 O'clock Somewhere

Just having PHun, no business....

A check for

The Villages Parrot Heads and the Sweet Potato Queens teamed up to present checks totaling $2900 to Boggy Creek

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Point System Explained

Point System / Recognition:
1. Recognition: The Parrot point system is established to reward volunteers. Parrot points will be tallied on a rolling year calendar, i.e. January through December; February through January; etc.

2. Point Award Guidelines & Responsibility:
a. The Chairperson shall collect their volunteers’ earned points or volunteer hours and report the points / hours earned to the Volunteer Trustee on a monthly basis and in a timely manner. Points / hours shall be submitted to the Volunteer Trustee in writing.
b. Guidelines for the point awards are as follows:
(1) Attendees of properly assembled business meetings of a committee or activity (where that committee or activity has been approved by the club’s Executive Committee), will receive one Parrot point for attending the meeting. The chairperson of that committee and Executive Committee members are excluded and will receive no additional points for attending. For the purposes of awarding Parrot points, phlockings are not considered meetings as described above. Meetings are not required to be individually approved by the Executive Committee so long as the committee or activity has been approved. (2) Two (2) hours minimum contribution for an event or activity will receive one (1) Parrot point. If a volunteer arrives on time for an event and the event is
scheduled for less than two (2) hours, shortened, cancelled or postponed the volunteer may receive a (1) Parrot point.

(3) Four (4) hours minimum contribution for an event or activity will receive two (2) Parrot points. (4) Members who donate blood during a “The Villages Parrot Head Club” sponsored event will receive two (2) points.

(5) Chairpersons with less than five (5) committee members (not counting themselves) will receive five (5) Parrot points per month while the committee is active.

(6) Chairpersons with five (5) or more committee members (not counting themselves) will receive seven (7) Parrot points per month while the committee is active.

(7) Chairpersons of major annual events such as the Poker Run, Hospice Golf tournament and Homosassa Bash will receive 10 Parrot points per month while the committee is active. Sub-committee chairpersons for these events may receive up to seven (7) Parrot points maximum for that sub-committee. For example, the Basket Committee chairperson for the Poker Run may receive seven (7) Parrot points maximum per month while the sub-committee is active.

(8) No member of a committee may receive more points per month than that committee chairman. In unusual circumstances the Volunteer Trustee may grant an exception to this rule. (9) Executive Committee members will receive five (5) points per month while serving on the Executive Committee. (10) The maximum points any member can be credited for in any calendar year will be 60.

(11) The Volunteer Trustee may grant exceptions to any of the provisions contained in this guideline in the interest of fairness and transparency.

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