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Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Revised 9-23-2016

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ARTICLE I. General and Definitions:

1. “The Club” means The Villages Parrot Head Club, also referred to as “TVPHC”.
2. “Ex Comm” means the Executive Committee, the governing Board of The Club.
3. “SOP’S” refers to The Club’s “Standard Operating Procedures” and are methods used by the current Ex Comm to meet the requirements of, or further clarify, The Club’s Articles or the Bylaws.
4. “The Club’s Website” means “thevillagesparrotheads.com”.
5. Acronyms frequently used by Club members:
    a. MOTM – Meeting of the Minds – Annual PH convention in Key West;
    b. PH – Parrot Head(s);
    c. PHIP – Parrot Heads in Paradise – The International Organization of PH’s;
    d. Phlock – The entire membership of The Club– You belong to a Phlock;
    e. Phlocking – Gathering of PHs 2 to 3 times each month;
    f. PH replaces F for words such as Phun, Phriends, Pheast, Phestival, Phin, Phood

ARTICLE II. Membership and Dues:

1. Application for Membership: A Membership Application Form is prepared, revised, provided, and retained by the Membership Director.
2. Term: Membership in the Club commences January 1st and run through December 31st of each calendar year.
3. Dues:
    a. Membership dues are $25.00 per person per year for all new members joining January 1 through September 30, and $15.00 per person for members joining during the months of October, November, and December. (Revised 10-20-14 as to $25) (Revised 1-22-16 as to months and amounts)
    b. Membership dues for renewing members are $20.00 per person per year if paid prior to March 31st of the current year. If paid between April 1st and September 30, 2016, membership dues for renewing members increase to $25.00 per person per year. (Revised 10-20-14) If renewing in October, November, or December, renewal cost will be $15.00 per person. (Revised 9-23-16)
    c. Ex Comm members are exempt from paying dues. (Revised 2010)
    d. Beginning on January 1, 2017, all Executive Committee Members with three (3) years of service, and seated on the Executive Committee, will be granted lifetime membership in The Villages Parrot Head Club. (Revised 5-20-2016)
    e. Refunds of dues are only made with a majority vote of the Ex Comm.
    f. The Ex Comm has the authority to refund a portion of the withdrawing member’s dues on a pro-rated basis determined by the number of days remaining until the end of the fiscal year.
     g. Upon refund, the member shall surrender their official club name tag(s).
4. All members, including new members and those renewing membership, shall be instructed to check The Club’s website and become familiar with The Club’s By-Laws and SOP’s.
5. Removal/Loss/Probation of Membership: a. Any member who has not paid their dues by March 31st is considered to have terminated their membership and will be removed from The Club database. b. Any action taken to remove, terminate, or place a member on probation shall be done only in Executive Session of the Ex Comm.
6. Waiver of Liability Form: All non-TVPHC members attending any of our Club events must sign a waiver form before being allowed to participate. [Added 3-20-15]
7. Alcohol Policy: All Club members shall adhere to the following policy regarding bringing alcohol into our Club events and/or Phlockings:
    a. No tumblers with anything in them will be allowed into our Phlockings. Entrances will be randomly monitored by the Club Member Advocate.
    b. No outside alcohol of any kind will be allowed at any Phlockings or at restaurant hosted events.
    c. Any member caught bringing alcohol into our Phlockings, Country Clubs, or restaurant venues will be suspended for 6 months for a first (1st) offense. Club membership will be revoked for a second (2nd) offense.
    d. If any member is suspended as a result of violating this policy, they will no longer be considered a member in good standing and will be unable to attend Club events.
    e. If, during a member’s suspension, they have already purchased tickets to an event, they will be unable to use their ticket and the Club will refund them their ticket price.
    f. Bringing outside alcohol into our Phlockings or Country Club/Restaurant-hosted events will be considered a violation of our Code of Conduct. [Added 2-20-15]
8. Ticket Sales Where Seats Are Assigned: Any time the Club holds an event where seats are assigned, the Chairperson of the event shall come to the Ex Comm meeting before tickets go on sale and give the Ex Comm members the opportunity to purchase tickets for seats, or one table per Ex Comm Member, before the ticket sales are opened to the general membership. [Added 1-23-15]

ARTICLE III. Meetings:

1. Club Meetings also known as “Phlockings”:
    a. The purpose of the Phlockings is to provide a semi-social environment where membership can, but are not limited to:
        i. Receive information on upcoming Club activities and events;
        ii. Sign up for upcoming activities, events, or committees; and
        iii. Renew membership or join the Club as a new member. b. Club members shall be informed of the Phlocking’s place, date and time through email, Club newsletter, Club website and/or Daily Sun. 2. Social Gatherings also known as “5 O’clock Somewhere(s)”: a. 5 O’clock Somewhere gatherings are usually scheduled once each month in or around The Villages. Revised 9-23-2016 Pg. 3 b. Membership shall be notified regarding the place, date and time through email, Club newsletter, Club website and/or Daily Sun. No Club business is conducted at these social gatherings. 3. Ex Comm Meetings: a. The purpose of the Ex Comm Meetings shall be to conduct the business of The Club. b. Membership shall be informed of the place, date and time of Ex Comm meetings by The Club newsletter, email and/or website. All active members in good standing are invited to attend. c. Approved Minutes of the prior month’s Ex Comm Meeting shall be posted on the bulletin board at all Club Phlockings and on The Club’s website. d. Members can also receive a copy of the Ex Comm Meeting Minutes by email request to The Club President, or by downloading a copy from The Club’s website. 4. Special Ex Comm Meetings: a. From time to time, a Special Meeting of the Ex Comm may be called to discuss urgent business of The Club that cannot wait until the next scheduled Ex Comm meeting. Whenever possible, members will be notified to any Special Ex Comm Meetings. b. Minutes shall be kept of any Special Meeting of the Ex Comm recording any business conducted, motions and voting. c. In the event that all of the Ex Comm members are unable to meet at the same time and place, voting may be conducted electronically via email. Any motions or voting done electronically shall be duly noted in the Minutes for that particular month. 5. Executive Sessions: a. From time to time, an Executive Session of the Ex Comm may be called by The Club President. b. No Minutes shall be kept of any Executive Session of the Ex Comm. Any Motions to be voted on by the Ex Comm as a result of an Executive Session shall be done in a regular and/or a special session of the Ex Comm. (Added 1-29-2016) 6. Ex Comm Retreats: a. From time to time, Retreats may be scheduled to allow board members to share their personal feelings in a relaxed and confidential environment, promoting a better working relationship between members. There shall be no motions made or voting held at a Retreat. While official Minutes shall not be taken, notes from the Retreat shall be kept recording any ideas or actions to be addressed at a regular Ex Comm meeting. (Added 3-24-14) ARTICLE IV. Executive Committee (“Ex Comm”): 1. Term of Office/Staggered Elections: a. The terms of office for the Vice President, Secretary and Two (2) Trustees shall run from January 1 to December 31; and b. The term of office for the President, Treasurer, Membership Director and Two (2) Trustees shall run from July 1 to June 30. Revised 9-23-2016 Pg. 4 2. Responsibilities: a. Any Ex Comm member who will be absent from an Ex Comm meeting shall notify the President or Vice President by phone, email or in person. b. Any Ex Comm member who will be absent for a Club Phlocking, event or activity should notify The Club’s President or Vice President by phone, email or in person. c. Club Events and Activities needing Ex Comm approval are those where The Club name or logo is used. These include: bus trips, day trips, golf outings, tournaments, overnight trips and cruises. Announcements, flyers and/or brochures for such events/activities may not be distributed to Club members or the general public without prior approval of Ex Comm. d. The Ex Comm shall assure that all events and activities follow The Club’s Mission Statement and Statement of Purpose as set forth in The Club Bylaws. e. The Ex Comm shall decide how business will be conducted utilizing the following: i. Robert’s Rules of Order and Parliamentary Procedure; ii. An Action Agenda, Modified Parliamentary Procedure, or a Consensus. 3. Vice President: a. The Vice President is the point person for the Committee Chairs, and generally responsible for the “5 o’clock Somewhere” and on-campus events, including but not limited to parties and dances. (Added 3-24-14) b. In addition to the Club President, the Vice President will have access to The Club’s membership email list with the ability to send emails if the President is unavailable. (Added 11-25-2013) 4. Treasurer: a. It is suggested that the Treasurer have some qualifications: i.e. bookkeeping background and/or a familiarity with Quicken or Quick Books. b. When necessary and approved by the Ex Comm, an Assistant Treasurer may be appointed to assist the Club Treasurer in the performance of his or her duties as Treasurer. (Added 3-24-14) c. The Treasurer shall make deposits of monies received on a timely basis or within a 10 day period. d. It is suggested that a quarterly reconciliation be performed. 5. Membership Director: a. Shall assure that all members complete Membership forms upon paying dues each year and shall maintain copies of signed Membership forms for 1 prior year and the current year. b. Shall maintain an email list of all Club members. c. May organize a committee to help fulfill responsibilities. 6. Community Relations Trustee: a. Shall organize and supervise the Charities Gift Committee. b. Shall create a form to be used for a Charity survey. c. Shall tabulate the Charity survey results and distribute to Club Members. d. Shall make recommendations to the Ex Comm regarding those charities The Club will support based on the Charity surveys. e. Shall provide information and background to the Ex Comm on proposed charities. f. Shall research and vett new charities for The Club to consider supporting. Revised 9-23-2016 Pg. 5 7. Volunteer Coordinator: a. Shall create a form for Members to indicate interest in those committee(s) they would like to serve on. b. Shall recruit volunteers for events/activities and make the names available to Committee chairs. c. Shall maintain the Club’s Point System. d. Shall be responsible for the taking of attendance at Phlockings utilizing The Club’s Membership list. 8. Media Trustee: a. Shall be the Editor of The Club’s monthly newsletter and point of contract for The Club’s webmaster. b. Shall be responsible for writing all newsworthy articles and press releases including, not limited to, local newspaper(s), TV, radio and other media regarding Club events/activities. c. Shall be responsible for The Club’s Photography Committee. d. Shall be responsible for photo taking at Club events/activities and charitable presentations. e. Shall make recommendations to the President regarding information that needs to be placed on The Club’s website. f. Shall administer the Club's historical documents and photos and maintain an upto-date history of the Club. 9. Events Coordinator Trustee: a. Shall be responsible for the Travel Committee Chairperson(s) and the functions of the Travel Committee. b. Shall be responsible for the Chairperson(s) of events, activities assigned by the President along with all off-campus trips and events. c. Shall reserve dates, buses, halls and restaurants for off-campus trips as needed. d. Shall secure payments for buses, driver tips and other related expenses. e. Shall ensure budget sheets, fliers and final balance sheets are submitted to the Ex Comm. f. Shall research and report to the Ex Comm events of other Parrot Head Clubs open to participation/attendance by The Club’s Membership. g. Shall act as the Ex Comm member overseeing the Cruise Committee. h. Shall be responsible for development of new Club events/activities. 10. Ex-Officio Member(s): [Added 3-18-2016] a. The Ex Comm may, from time to time, name an individual or individuals to serve on the Ex Comm as “Ex-Officio Member(s)”. Said Ex-Officio Member(s) shall have no voting rights or specific term, and shall serve at the discretion of the Ex Comm. ARTICLE V. Committee Chairperson(s): 1. The following Committees may be approved by the Ex Comm, but are not limited to: a. Web Master b. Anniversary Party Revised 9-23-2016 Pg. 6 c. Polo Tailgate Party d. Pool Party e. Fall Dance f. Christmas Party g. New Year’s Eve Party h. Poker Run i. 50/50 j. Christian Food Pantry k. Operation Backpack l. Haven House (Women’s clothing drive) m. Toys for Tots n. Men’s Clothing Drive o. Women’s Clothing Drive p. Pancake Breakfast q. Parades r. Environmental s. Golf (inside and outside The Villages) t. Club Photography u. Club Meeting Attendance v. Point System w. Club Historian x. Habitat for Humanity y. 5 O’clock Somewhere z. Volleyball Tournaments aa. Volunteer Recruitment bb. Travel Committee cc. Media Liaison, Club Newsletter dd. Charitable Gift ee. Phins Up Shop ff. Meeting of the Minds (“MOTM”) gg. Corporate Sponsors hh. Cruise Committee ii. Volunteer Appreciation Party jj. Bocce Tournament 2. Committee Chairperson(s): When requested, Committee Chairs shall do the following: a. Follow the Ex Comm’s written directives for Committee Chairperson(s). b. Insure that events and functions are planned and completed in a timely manner, including adding additional committee members. c. Insure that the event/activity is carried out within the framework of The Club’s bylaws. d. If an event requires transportation that has been approved by the Ex Comm, establish a passenger manifest including the names, phone numbers and method of payment used. e. Establish a wait list in the event of cancellations, no shows, etc. Wait listed individuals will be added to the manifest in the order of when the request was made. f. Provide a list of participating members for point tracking. Revised 9-23-2016 Pg. 7 g. Provide a list of recommendation/suggestions for the future of the event. h. Contact the Music Chairperson for a variety of music recommendation. i. Cannot use the same musician or entertainer more than two (2) consecutive years for the same event. 3. Phins Up Shop: a. The current limit is $300 without Ex Comm approval. (Revised 3-24-14) b. Any contribution or donation of Club merchandize shall have Ex Comm approval in advance of the contribution/donation. c. An inventory of all merchandise shall be submitted to the Ex Comm every six (6) months. 4. Assistant Treasurer: (Added 10-2013) a. An Assistant Treasurer may be appointed by the Treasurer with Ex Comm approval to assist The Club Treasurer with the performance of his or her duties and shall serve at the direction of the Treasurer. 5. Corporate Sponsorships/Fundraisers Committee: (Added 11-25-13) a. A Corporate Sponsorship Committee is established to assist our Club and Event Chairs in obtaining corporate sponsorships, donations and advertisement that may be of mutual benefit to both our Club and the sponsor under the following guidelines: Corporate Sponsor Program (Added 10-20-14) i. The Corporate Sponsor Program generates operating and charitable giving funds for TVPHC from the local business community in return for Club promotion and member good will. ii. Program Responsibility: The Trustee of Community Relations will be responsible for administering the Corporate Sponsorship Program. The Trustee will select committee members as needed. iii. Financial Commitment: The minimum annual financial commitment to the Club shall initially be $600. The commitment can be in cash, merchandise, food or other items of value. The Trustee for Community Relations will recommend a minimum financial commitment at the October meeting for the following year. Ex Comm will establish the minimum financial commitment by majority vote. iv. Vetting of Corporate Candidates: The Trustee of Community Relations shall prepare a form for each Corporate Candidate that identifies the location(s), ownership, goods or services provided, financial commitment and any other information which may be relevant, and make a recommendation to Ex Comm. The Ex Comm shall have the sole responsibility to approve all Corporate Sponsors. The Ex Comm may remove the Corporate Sponsor designation at its discretion. v. Corporate Sponsor Recognition: In the month approved, a Corporate Sponsor will be recognized during the business meeting at each phlocking. A page listing the Corporate Sponsors will be added to the Club’s Newsletter with the header which shall read: “Support The Businesses That Support Us”. A similar page will be added to the Club’s website with a “clickable” link to each Corporate Sponsor’s website. Ex Comm shall deliver to each Corporate Sponsor a certificate indicating that they are a Corporate Sponsor identifying the year when the donation Revised 9-23-2016 Pg. 8 took place. Corporate Sponsors will be invited to attend the Volunteer Appreciation Party and individually recognized. 6. Music Chair: (Added 3-24-14) a. The Music Chair shall assist and support Committee Chairs with the selection of entertainment, taking into consideration the cost, and shall act as a resource to Committee Chairs. 7. Member Advocate: (Added 8-26-12) Member Advocate Selection Requirements: a. The Advocate should be a long standing member who has good working knowledge of the club. b. Job Description and Responsibilities: i. The Advocate shall keep the member’s name confidential in situations that warrant confidentiality. ii. The Advocate should listen to member’s concerns or complaints with an open mind. iii. The Advocates first effort should be to alleviate the issue with the member whenever it is reasonable to do so. iv. The Advocate in many cases can solve the issue by interfacing with other factions of the club as the case determines. v. In cases when the Advocate decides the issue needs Ex Comm attention he/she should bring the issue to the board with recommended action or actions to be taken. vi. In cases where conflicts occur between a member and the Ex Comm the Advocate should act as a mediator, and with board approval take whatever action he/she deems necessary to bring the conflict to a resolution if possible. vii. The Advocate shall in all cases, work within the guidelines of the Village Parrot Head By-Laws. ARTICLE VI. Nominations and Elections: 1. Elections: (Revised 7-10-13) a. Email and mailed ballots will be accepted by the Election Chairman from the first day of the voting month to midnight of the last Phlocking of the voting month. The time and date stamp of the vote submitted by email shall determine the validity of the vote. b. Once an email vote is received, it may not be changed or pulled back and a personal vote will not be accepted after an email or mailed vote is submitted. c. Only one vote per member. d. Members in good standing may vote in person at any of the Phlockings during the voting month. e. Once a member pays their dues and signs a membership form, they are considered a member in good standing and will be allowed to vote. f. Candidate fliers, buttons, signs, etc. may be displayed one month prior to the voting month up to and including the voting Phlockings. g. Candidates cannot use the Club logo on campaign materials, and the Election Chairman shall so advise the candidates. (Revised 3-24-14) Revised 9-23-2016 Pg. 9 h. Candidates may not display signs or otherwise campaign in the immediate vicinity of the ballot box and ballot distribution area. The Election Chairman will determine the “no campaign zone” depending on the facilities of the voting Phlockings. i. No one will be excluded from campaigning as it is an individual choice. 2. Election Results: a. Election results will be announced via email/website. 3. Ex Comm Vacancies: (Added 9-22-14) a. Vacancies on the Ex Comm will be filled as directly by the Club’s By Laws unless a quorum cannot be made. If no Ex Comm quorum is possible, the quorum requirement shall be waived for the sole purpose of selecting members to fill the vacant positions. A simple majority vote of the remaining Ex Comm members shall be sufficient to fill each vacancy. ARTICLE VII. Contracts, Checks, Deposits, Expenditures/Reimbursement: 1. Expenditures/Reimbursement: a. Supplies can be, but are not limited to, construction materials, office supplies, supplies necessary for club activities and events. b. Members who anticipate incurring expenses for club related activities should, after obtaining proper Ex Comm approval, seek to have the company invoice The Club directly for the amount due. If this is not possible, then submit the receipts to the Treasurer for reimbursement. ARTICLE VIII. Community Involvement/Charity: 1. Charity Committee: a. The Charity Committee shall establish an annual survey for the Club Membership indicating the charities The Club has supported in the past and/or would like to support in the future and submit the survey to the Ex Comm for approval. b. Each year The Club membership will vote via a survey, held in March of each year, which charities they recommend to fund for the year (May to May). c. The Charity Committee will tally the votes and use the results to recommend distribution of funds to the Ex Comm at the April Ex Comm meeting each year. The charity Committee’s recommendation will include a year-long plan for all distributions for the year using the results of the March survey. (Added 6-2013) ARTICLE IX. Point System/ Recognition: 1. The Volunteer Points System is established to reward volunteers. Volunteer points will be tallied on a rolling year calendar, i.e. January through December; February through January; etc. 2. Point Award Guidelines & Responsibility: a. The Chairperson shall collect their volunteers’ earned points or volunteer hours and report the points/hours earned to the volunteer coordinator on a monthly basis. Revised 9-23-2016 Pg. 10 b. Guidelines for point awards: Contribution --- 2 hour minimum contribution (1 point) --- 5 hour contribution (2 points) --- Maximum points (3) c. Chairpersons with five or more committee members (5 points) d. Chairpersons with fewer than 5 members or no committee members (2 points) e. Ex Comm Officers are exempt from the point system during their term of office and for six (6) months past the end of their term, with automatic maximum point eligibility f. Maximum points any member can be awarded is 60 3. Recognizing The Villages Parrot Heads Club Volunteers: a. High point earners have the opportunity to purchase tickets and seating assignments to those events with assigned seating or limited attendance prior to the entire membership if requested by the Chair and approved by Ex Comm, i.e. Jimmy Buffett tickets by Club President. b. Points for ticket sales, seating details, and number of points required can be requested by the event Chair with Ex Comm approval. c. Volunteer Pins will be awarded to the high point earners on an annual basis. The required number of points to qualify for a Volunteer Pin will be determined by Ex Comm each year in coordination with the Volunteer Trustee. d. Volunteers with sufficient points will be honored and recognized at an annual Volunteer Appreciation Event at no cost to the volunteers. (Revised 10-20- 14) ARTICLE X. “Golden Parrot Award”: (Added 7-10-2013) A “Golden Parrot” Award is established to recognize members for outstanding contributions. Approximately 15 awards may be presented annually. Nominations for the award are to come through the Volunteer Trustee and approved by Ex Comm. Ex Comm members are ineligible during their term of office and for one year after the conclusion of their term. ARTICLE XI. Property and Disclaimer: 1. Property includes The Club’s Internet database of membership or any other form of Club communication which could be utilized for personal gain.

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